• Katherine (Yamanaka Sawako) - Guitar and Vocals
  • Christina (Norimi Kawaguchi)- Guitar and Chorus
  • Della - Bass
  • Jane - Drums

Death Devil (DEATH DEVIL) is a heavy metal band, made up of Sawako Yamanaka, Norimi Kawaguchi, Jane and Della, the former members of Sakura High's light music club. The current light music club finds out about the band through old photo albums and cassette tapes left behind in the music room. After hearing a tape of one of Death Devil's performances, Mio is determined to surpass them. History EditWhen Sawako attended Sakura High, she was a member of the light music club, along with three other girls. These four formed a popular heavy metal band called Death Devil, known for its wild costumes and spirited lyrics. Both Sawako and Norimi (Christina) played guitar, while Della played the bass, and Jane played the drums. Sawako appears to have been the lead singer as well. Though Sawako has done her best to hide most aspects of her past life, she is still on good terms with her former bandmates.


For some reason, Yui is always the first to recognize Death Devil members from their photos upon meeting them in person (possibly because she stares far too much). The name of the band is parodied from that of the band Death Angel.