episode 2: 楽器! ("gakki!")

episode 2: 楽器! (“gakki!”)


The light music club members help Yui purchase a guitar. With a ¥50,000 advance on her allowance, Yui goes to a music store where an expensive Gibson Les Paul catches her eye, though its cost is beyond what she can afford at ¥250,000. In order to make enough money, the girls decide to get part-time jobs and end up being traffic survey counters. After two days, and getting paid only ¥8,000 per day, they are still not even close to purchasing the guitar. However, Yui tells the others to keep their hard earned money, and that she will settle for a cheaper guitar. However, when the girls return to the music store, Yui is still drawn to the Gibson Les Paul. On the verge of returning to part-time jobs to earn more money, Tsumugi haggles with the shopkeeper for a discount on the guitar. He immediately recognizes her as the daughter of the company's president and he quickly offers the guitar for ¥50,000.