episode 4: 合宿! ("gasshuku!")

episode 4: 合宿! (“gasshuku!”)

"Training Camp!"

Mio finds a box filled with stuff from the previous light music club, including a cassette tape of the previous club's performance at the school festival. After listening to it, Mio is inspired to get the gang together to practice over the summer break for the upcoming school festival. Worried about cost, the girls turn to Tsumugi, who just so happens to have a villa along the coast. They travel to Tsumugi's beachside villa, where Mio is determined to practice; outnumbered, Mio and the girls end up playing around instead. After eventually getting some practice done in the evening, Mio is awed by the sight of Yui playing guitar in front of some fireworks. Mio confesses to the others that she wants them to be as good as the old light music club, playing the cassette tape for them. However, when tape flips to the B-side, Mio is horrified by the shrieking intro of a vocalist in the old club. To cheer Mio up, Yui plays a perfect guitar solo and learns a new trick of vibrato on the guitar.