episode 9: 新入部員! ("shinnyū buin!")

episode 9: 新入部員! (“shinnyū buin!”)

"New Club Member!"

Azusa officially joins the club, but is shocked to find everyone drinking tea and eating cake instead of practicing. She yells at them when Sawako tells her off for actually practicing, but Yui manages to calm her down with a surprising tactic. Despite her objections, Azusa finds herself weak against Tsumugi's tea and cakes. Yui herself is rather shocked at how much better Azusa is at guitar than she is. Sawako brings a pair of cat ears for Azusa to wear, much to Azusa's discomfort, leading Yui to give her the wierd nickname 'Azu-nyan'. Noticing that Azusa is a bit upset, Mio encourages the band to practice more, but the group quickly reverts to its lazy state. Frustrated, Azusa becomes really upset since she cannot understand why the band members she admired at the live performance behave like they do. After Azusa expresses her frustration, Mio explains to her that she stays with the band because they have fun performing together and because they like each other, convincing Azusa decides to stay.